Solar Panels

There are basically two different types of roof mounted solar panels for the home available to buy and install. These are the photovoltaic cell panels that produce electricity by converting the energy in the sunlight and solar water heating panels that collect the heat energy from the sun which can hen be transfered and used to heat your hot water supply.

Cheapest Roof Mounted Solar Panels

The cheapest roof mounted solar panels are solar water heating panel collectors which are cheap to manufacture thanks to the simple idea which enables them to work. All they have to do is absorb the heat from the sun and transfer that collected natural energy to your hot water supply. This usually just involves a bit of pipework and plumbing. You can make your own hot water solar energy collectors at home using an old radiator as the main part of the collector.

Free Electricity From The Sun

If you want to produce free electricity from roof mounted solar panels you will need to collect the suns light energy and use photovoltaic cell arrays to convert the light into free electricity from the sun but this type of panel is more complicated to manufacture and more expensive to purchase.

Consider Solar Panels For The Home

There are several reasons to consider roof mounted solar panels for the home but using solar energy works particularly well in cases where mains electricity would be too expensive to install. If you are interested in making your home more environmentally friendly then collecting the suns free energy using roof mounted solar panels is definitely something you should consider. More traditional local energy sources such as generators can be noisy and they pollute the environment. They also require time consuming and costly maintainenance. Solar energy is easy to integrate into your life because having fixed roof mounted solar panels means that it is out of your way and they need virtually no maintenance. There are lots of solar panel kits available to buy and these are made by various manufacturers who design these solar kits to be easy to install and simple to operate. Roof mounted solar panels can provide you with free energy so they benefit your pocket as well as helping keep the environment and air clean.

For people who live in rural areas where there may be regular situations where you may find your electricity going out. Roof mounted solar panels are great as a backup source of power in the event that your mains electricity goes out. While it's unlikely that you would want to live on solar power alone, and it would not be easy to lead a normal modern life, it is an excellent backup if your electricity does go out. Solar power kits can be purchased online and they often come complete with everything you need and full installation instructions.

To produce free electricity you will need to choose a solar panel kit with photovoltaic cells. The panels of these cells can be installed where it is most convenient for you but they do need to get plenty of sunshine. The two main choices when installing solar cells are the roof of your dwelling or mounted on poles. The way photovoltaic cells work is by generating electricity by changing sunlight to electricity which can be stored in batteries for use at a later time. The energy produced by these cells is a DC current and is either 12 or 24 energy volts. Once you've chosen your kit you will need an inverter which takes the DC energy current and converts it to 110 AC mains power so that you can use it for regular residential applications.

Roof Mounted Solar Panels For The Home

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider solar panels for the home. If you are someone who is concerned about the environment you can feel good about using solar power as it helps to conserve valuable energy. Solar power can be used alongside various other solutions like wind power and solar power makes a great backup in case your main power source goes out. You will never have to worry about going without power again when you install a roof mounted solar panel kit and it can save you money on energy bills.

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